2023 Winners

Major Prize

Sponsored by Bendemeer Renewable Energy Hub ($3,500 Prize)

Winner No. 127. Janna Hayes –  ‘Barokee Sunrise’

Art Section

1st Place No. 203. Yvonne Overton – ‘Zebra Finches’ ($400 prize)
2nd Place No. 162. Mary Attard –‘Tamworth Valley’ ($100 Prize)

Our Bendemeer Section

Sponsored by Norman Brenchley Estates ($1,000 Prize)

1st Place No. 2002. Erryn Crowell –  ‘The Rogue’ ($1000 prize)
Highly Commended No. 2018. John Banson – ‘Dare To View – A New Perspective’
Highly Commended No. 2010. Karen Nelson – ‘Puddles of Fun’

Our Bendemeer Emerging (13-17 years)

1st Place No. 802. Miriam Stanton – “Felicity” ($200 prize)
Highly Commended No. 2202. Hope Dawson – ‘Drawing’
Highly Commended No. 803. Claire Tidman – “Blue“

Our Bendemeer Junior (13 years and under)

1st Place No. 2240. Kate Baiocchi ‘Girl Power’ ($100 prize)
2nd Place No. 904. Hugh Baiocchi ‘Car Crash‘

3D Works

1st Place No. 504. Erryn Crowell – ‘Scotchy’ ($200 prize)
Highly commended No. 513. Max Brown – ‘Echidna’
Highly commended No. 518. Connor Byrne – ‘Sadako Baby Cranes’
Commended No. 509 Kylie Lamph – ‘Billy Buttons’

Other Medium

1st Place No. 701 Carolann Brown ‘Glass lead light Pink tulips lampshade’ ($200 prize)
Highly Commended No. 704. Elaine Abberfield ‘Best friends forever’
Commended No. 710 Oakwood Centre “ Silo Art “


1st Place No. 603. Di Tasler ‘Forest Foray’ ($200 prize)
2nd Place No. 608. Helen Simpson ‘Rose Garden’

My Bendemeer Photography

Sponsored by Bendemeer Renewable Energy Hub ($500 Prize)

Major Prize No. 407. Sharon Ritchie –  ‘McDonald River In Drought’ ($500 prize)
2nd Place No. 408. Sharon Ritchie – ‘Bendemeer District Triptich’
Highly Commended No. 413. John Banson –‘Under the Bridge- Country Kids Play’.
Commended No. 417 Jamie Hook – ‘Bendy Bog’


1st Place  No. 319. Jazmine Hobbs. ‘The Toddler Grip’ ($200 prize)
2nd Place No. 310 Digby Brown ‘The Shearing Shed’ ($100 prize)
Highly Commended No.  313. Jazmine Hobbs – ‘Race’
Commended No. 309  Digby Brown – ‘Hot Shoeing’

Emerging Photography

1st Place  No.  822. Ellaura Goodman-Kay- ‘Light Bulb Reflections’
2nd Place No. 823. Ellaura Goodman-Kay – ‘Peacock’
Highly Commended No. 821. Ellaura Goodman-Kay – ‘Shearing Day’.